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Session 4: Spiritual Gifts, Part 2

1 thought on “Session 4: Spiritual Gifts, Part 2”

  1. This is amazing! So many parts of this is so true in my family and I was able to define several of these gifts for the different people in my family. I am reviewing it for the specific ones I could not sees so clearly. As a mother I feel it is important to understand these motivations of each member in order to approach them correctly and in a godly way that will help them utilize the gift in their lives and help them operate in the other gifts. I personally and finally understand my own motivational gift and how I have tried to use the others gifts to get my point across these past few years. I have done several types of spiritual gifts tests and this one has made the most sense. I was also able to use the 49 character qualities and I could find specific qualities of each person that associated with each gift as well as specific qualities that they needed to work on because they did not come naturally based upon their specific motivational gift. To identify the ones they need can help me as a mother to encourage those specific areas so they can fully operate in all the gifts. This is awesome. Thanks.

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