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Session 3: Spiritual Gifts, Part 1

7 thoughts on “Session 3: Spiritual Gifts, Part 1”

  1. I am so encouraged. I think my main motivation is giving. How do you practice this gift if you do not have any money to give? I am not sure about my ministry or manifestation.

  2. First of all, I would pray for wisdom and opportunity to use my giving gift. Second, are you giving? If not, you need to be giving financially even if it is a little. Remember 1 Corinthians 8, they gave even out of their poverty. Third, I would also give of your time. It is very valuable, but try to do it along with your family instead of away from your family if possible. Nothing like sacrifice and serving together to focus on God’s calling. Also, can you pull together gifts of donations from yourself and others to benefit the more needy? If it is in good shape, they like to have things given unexpectedly. Hope that helps.

  3. Money is one of the least of things we give except when God provides it for specific needs of others.

    There are so many ways to give, especially the gift of time, our most precious commodity. Adding the Holy Spirit to show you specifically what and/or how He would have us give is the best start.

  4. The gift of Giving has many facets, not all monetary at all. Your time, encouraging, helping others with tasks, sharing God’s truths, the list is truly limitless, …jdby7384…as you seek to ‘give’ He will certainly show you that beautifully faceted jewel he has given you!

  5. jdbly7384, ..The gift of ‘Giving’ is a many faceted jewel. Not all is monetary in this gifting. Your time, physical labor, encouraging words, sharing wisdom and scriptures from God…the list is truly limitless. As you desire to ‘give’ God will show you the beautiful facets of that gem in and through you to glorify Himself and minister to others. God Bless you <3

  6. I am very grateful for this man’s ministry. The first conference of his I went to was in DC, I think in ’72. It was life changing. Now I want to share these principles with my Sunday school class of adults. So now I’m glad I found this website.

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