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Patch the Pirate LIVE, Family Camp 2017


In October 2017, Ron Hamilton presented a special sing-along session at Family Camp accompanied by his son-in-law and daughter, the Morgans. The concert consisted of songs interwoven with his own personal testimony. Also, his wife Shelly shared at that time about family experiences with one son’s medical condition. With these personal testimonies, the concert performances carried a deeper, more personal context. Praise the Lord for a music ministry that has stood the test of time and tribulation! Through both their life and words, the Hamiltons acknowledge that God is always good.

  •  Jonah
  •  Wiggle Worm
  •  I Saw Jesus in You
  •  Always the Same
  •  Put on Your Running Shoes
  •  Gideon
  •  The Poochie Lip Disease
  •  Ocean Commotion
  •  Rejoice in the Lord
  •  You Are Always Good



Length: 65 min.
Date: 2017

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