When William “Bill” Fay saw his father die “without a penny to his name,” he determined he would do things differently. By his 30’s, Bill had become a high stakes gambler and the chief executive officer of a multi-million-dollar corporation. He owned a limousine and everything he thought he wanted—except peace. Finally, his wife Peggy suggested calling the man who had married them. Driving the 85 miles to find the pastor of the small country church, the multi-millionaire became a broken man, claiming the blood of Christ and asking the Prince of Peace to cover his many sins. Since then, God has granted Bill Fay many years in evangelism and opportunities to witness personally to thousands upon thousands. Upon learning that less than 5% of the congregations he addressed were sharing their faith, Bill’s burden became to change that statistic. Experiencing the life-changing power of the Gospel firsthand, he never tires of testifying for his Savior through his flagship course: “Sharing Jesus Without Fear.”