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What is God Really Like?


Do you love your wife and children? Do you feel sometimes that they doubt your love? Stop for a minute and examine, perhaps in a new way, how God feels when we second guess His love as the heavenly Father. It’s for our own good that He shepherds us and shows us something better than our own way. What a strong motivation this can be in our realtionship with him. Let’s make sure our finite understanding of God never eclipses our trust in His great goodness!



Length: 45 min.

Primary Topic: Total Surrender

Date: 2016

Speaker: Jamie Lash

1 thought on “What is God Really Like?”

  1. The only complaint I have about these videos is that the volume is real low and somtimes hard to hear even though I have it all the way up. Other than that I love them and have been learning so much!

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