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Three Key Factors to Having One Accord


People. Positions. Possessions. These things could never do for us what God can do for us. When we expect from them lasting happiness, fulfillment, joy, peace or security, then they have become an idol. If you have ever wondered what the modern equivalent of a golden calf would be, this is it. And the dangerous thing is that they can begin to take God’s place in our hearts without us even knowing it. While you listen to Jim Sammons’ personal testimony evaluate carefully whether or not one of these has come to substitute first place in your life.



Length: 44 min.

Primary Topic: Loving Jesus Christ

Date: 2007

Speaker: Jim Sammons

2 thoughts on “Three Key Factors to Having One Accord”

  1. Now we know your hobby. Thanks for sharing Jim Sammons. I would still be lukewarm if I had not watched the Financial Freedom series. God is great!

  2. Can someone at IBLP please help me? I need someone to tell Mr. Sammons that I am SO THANKFUL for his encouragement to read the Psalms of the Day. I finally took his instruction to heart two years ago when I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life and I can honestly say that the daily regimen of reading the Psalms and Proverbs of the Day has literally saved my life, my sanity and my marriage. I just want to tell Mr. Sammons that his gentle admonition in one of his lectures (I think it was from his Financial Freedom series) is the best advice I have ever received. It was like–after 30 years of being a Christian–I was FINALLY being discipled! I owe so much to Mr. Sammons for his amazing teachings, but I am especially thankful for the day he ended his lecture by encouraging us, with great care and compassion, to “Please, read the Psalms and Proverbs of the Day…”

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