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Once again Mrs. Hendry showcases the rich array of  reading options we have for our children. Great historical heroes and heroines of the faith are not a few! Nor are the books written about them! You may want to start your own family reading list with the biographies and autobiographies highlighted in this message: everything from Hudson Taylor’s life story, filling two volumes, to the little-known account of John Harper at the sinking of the Titanic, which makes a good storybook for younger readers. Other men and women included are Mrs. Spurgeon and her two sons; Jim & Elisabeth Elliot and their daughter, Valerie; Brother Andrew and “Brother Koning”; Oswald Chambers and his wife Biddy; William Booth; Gladys Aylward; Darlene Diebler Rose; Mary Slessor; Eric Liddell … and last but not least Amy Carmichael, whose deathbed was the birthplace of many beautiful poems.



Length: 33 min.
Date: 2017

Speaker: Shelley Hendry

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