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Seven Characteristics That Leaders Look for in Young People


To stand before kings, to face them, to face their problems, as Daniel did, will take a serious education. And serious education entails serious, real-life tests. We can’t just “pass”. But when we have applied ourselves–when we have been observant, thought about the things we’ve seen, and used all we’ve been given to solve the problems at hand–we begin to understand wisdom about what is real and what really works. Others then can trust us with their serious needs. The light goes on for us as well as we go through the rigors and the joys of serving. And this light is what leaders are looking for! Run through the exacting criteria of Daniel 1:4 and ask yourself if leaders or anyone for that matter will see the light of Christ when they make eye contact with you.



Length: 43 min.

Primary Topic: Music, World Missions

Date: 2002

Speaker: George Mattix

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