As the darkness of Communism fell on twentieth-century Romania, a pastor wondered what it would cost him to continue preaching the truth. Meanwhile, his wife faced the reality of what life might be like if she lost her husband or their only daughter. The Romanian couple, Josef and Elizabeth Tson, experienced the full, overflowing love of God in the face of their fears. Their testimony points to God and will encourage you to look to Him to overcome the fears facing your own family.



Length: 58 min.
Date: 2018

Speaker: Dr. Josef Tson

1 thought on “No Fear in Love”

  1. Thank you Dr. Tson.

    The Lord has given you a life message.

    I remember how special it was to meditate on Hebrews 2:15 when I was in Russia once.

    God use the truth shared here to free Americans and many others.

    Donald S.

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