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New Insights for a Walk of Victory


In pursuit of the victorious Christian life, we may ask God why He is not giving us His grace and power. Yet what would we find if we rephrased the question—what if we asked how much of ourselves we were willing to give to Him? Do we trust Him? Do we know Him? Or do bitterness and pride bar His way to the next area of life He wants to control? Jim Logan speaks from many years of experience as a counselor. On personal quiet time and prayer, he shows how an intimate relationship with the Lord is more than enough for peace, protection and purpose in life. In the second half of his message, on four categories of pride, he shows the subtle ways we choose to run our own life when He could show Himself much more real when we “let go” with the same confidence a trapeze artist has in his leap of faith.

Special note: Jim Logan’s counseling resources are available online at Biblical Restoration Ministries.



Length: 43 min.

Primary Topic: Prayer, Total Surrender

Date: 2000

Speaker: Jim Logan

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