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The Most Important Word About Prayer in the Bible


Here and there in Scripture, we find prayers that have a spark. Something about these prayers indicates that God heard! While a connection with God may involve all sorts of attitudes, the crucial ones are found in the one obscure word that Jim Schettler unpacks for us in this story-filled message on fervent prayer. In Scripture, this word occurs only once, in a parable. Hear the practical definition of what Jesus called importunity, and chances are you will start praying in a whole new way.



Length: 42 min.

Primary Topic: Prayer

Date: 2022

Speaker: Jim Schettler

1 thought on “The Most Important Word About Prayer in the Bible”

  1. So awesome to have this message described in 3 words about how our prayers should NOT be: don’t ever let your prayers be Hazy Crazy or Lazy!! I’ll never forget it! Thank you so much for sharing this message!!

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