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Living with a Cause Worth Dying For


A legendary collection of true missionary stories, filled with accounts of God’s great faithfulness from almost every continent. Beginning with Stephen’s unswerving resolve in Acts chapter 7, Otto Koning traces the blood line of kingdom royalty from one martyr to the next right through to the present day. Included are Josef Tson; Walter Erikson; the family members of David & Svea Flood, Nate Saint and “Betty Elliot”; Moravians slaving away in the Caribbean; a fearless peacemaker among Maori warriors in New Zealand; and Harold Lovestrand, Mr. Koning’s language teacher in New Guinea. But the spread of the good news of eternal life in Jesus Christ is a saga that is still being written. This account finishes with the opportunity for you to make a decision yourself to follow Christ in His fruitful death and find life that is truly worth living.

Special note: For a more detailed rendition of the testimony of Svea Flood and her daughter, Aina “Aggie” Hurst, see Secrets to the Ultimate Marriage, Session 4, Full Forgiveness: The Way to Inner Peace.



Length: 70 min.

Primary Topic: Persecution

Date: 2003

Speaker: Otto Koning

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