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How to Handle Worry and Anxiety Biblically


Jim Logan speaks about the perfect peace that we receive when we cast our care on the One Who cares for us. Our circumstances need not dictate our joy! Rather, when we become overwhelmed, we may view worry as God’s loving reminder, a signal to release control and turn things over to Him again.



Length: 47 min.

Primary Topic: Total Surrender

Date: 2010

Speaker: Jim Logan

3 thoughts on “How to Handle Worry and Anxiety Biblically”

  1. Pain to your body is like anxiety to your spirit.
    Worry is God’s call to prayer.
    Peace that passes all circumstances.
    1 Petet 5 Casting all your cares on Him, He cares for you.
    Mayan Translation: What concerns you, concerns God.
    Will I trust God with my words.
    If I don’t have peace, I need to ask God why.
    Don’t let external circumstances define who I am.
    I trust God for eternity, but not the here and now.

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