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How to Conquer Fear in Ministry


Each person has a conscience … including the unsaved … from “good” people to those who are guilty of rape and murder, those who demon possessed or are addicted to cocaine. Therefore the best way to reach the lost is to echo the voice of the law written in their hearts. As anyone knows who has tried to witness, it’s a thrill as well as a challenge to find what ways are effective but not offensive in the communication of the Gospel. Methods such as preaching on the street corner or passing out tracts merge with the skills of listening to the responses of your audience and giving common greetings. Justice and mercy, boldness and tact, urgency and respect, combine with poignancy in this reminder from Ray Comfort to treat others’ eternal destiny as we would our own by speaking to the conscience.



Length: 46 min.

Primary Topic: Evangelism

Speaker: Ray Comfort

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