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High Places of Education


If God’s ways are higher than our ways, what are God’s ways for teaching our sons and daughters at home? How does His learning sequence in II Peter 1 compare to a Standardized Achievement Test and what are the other standard practices of the school system that we need to reevaluate as we chart our course for our children? This succinct analysis of the trends in American schools—and day care—rings with the same truth today that it did in 1992 when Inge Canon first presented her research at the ATI Training Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee. Under the brilliant light of several basic tenants from the Bible, ten exalted “high places”: quantified comparison (the bell-shaped curve), covering material, grading, equivalency, humanism, self expression, methodology (accreditation), socialization, exposure, and statistical verification are broken down and answered one at a time. If you want to keep from bringing these things home from school, this is for you.



Length: 73 min.

Speaker: Inge Cannon

2 thoughts on “High Places of Education”

  1. brianlauraryan

    This is very good! I would be interested in hearing more from her, and I believe our newest generation of homeschool parents would benefit from her as well.

  2. Mrs. Canon is intelligent and experienced in the ways of educational institutions, and she delineates pitfalls that parents should recognize and avoid in order to educate their children and prepare them for a life of service to Christ. Her knowledge and understanding of Scripture is key in ascertaining the existence of the “high places” that educational systems have made us believe are essential to a quality education.

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