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Giving Ultimate Honor


We have heard many messages about being under authority, but what about being in authority? What is it Christ used His authority to do? What supreme, overarching mission made Him so effective, so different, as a leader? How does that help us to have the utmost influence we can have as a father, mother, pastor, older sibling, or even as the very youngest sibling? The insight explained here by Joe Norvell, son of Bob Norvell, is especially practical for those who trust that leadership burnout is avoidable and that unity among their following is actually achievable and sustainable. See the dynamic contrast between personal and positional authority and put this powerful principle to work for you!–or is it for you?



Length: 23 min.
Date: 2003

1 thought on “Giving Ultimate Honor”

  1. Your wonderful reminder brought peace to my heart, restored truth I had let slip, and increased the peace in our home. We’re very thankful for this message. Thank you.

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