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The Force That Moves The Hand of God


“[Praying with the mind of Christ] comes only when we have humbled ourselves before Him; It comes only when we are broken.” These last words of Mickey Bonner, a humble servant in warfare prayer, ring with simple power. They were given in reference to brokenness. They were given in reference to finding the mind of Christ in prayer. They were given to help families pursue a timeless truth that prayer, rather than asking the heavenly Father to be involved in what we are doing, is becoming involved in what He is doing. From this special report on the events of June 5, 1997, you too can witness the authority of a Christian in full armor and perhaps, even as many did then, you may “go away from this wonderful conference asking God to break you”.



Length: 27 min.

Primary Topic: Prayer

Speaker: Mickey Bonner

2 thoughts on “The Force That Moves The Hand of God”

  1. Thank you for sharing this very powerful message. My spirit is greatly touched and I write this through tears.. May God use this message to radically transform everyone who listens to it, may He break His children, even more today in 2015 than what was necessary in 1997, when he preached it.

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