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Embracing the Life God Has Given You


Kenan, Sarah, Adam, and Hannah Wilkes share some of the high hopes that they had for themselves and their future. Along the way, they found they had to mortify the flesh, surrender the desire for approval, and confess their faults one to another. Yet, God is faithful! To their surprise, the fulfillment of their dreams began at home. Learn how, as these young people “let go” of self, they began to experience joy, peace, and a better “grasp” of God’s perfect plan for each of them.



Length: 54 min.

Primary Topic: Total Surrender

Date: 2018

Speaker: Wilkes Siblings

1 thought on “Embracing the Life God Has Given You”

  1. Sarah, Kenan, Adam and Hannah, your message on letting go of one thing to take hold of another better thing that God gives has proven true in my life as well. Praise the Lord for helping us begin to grasp it early in life. Because your message is on Embassy, Lord-willling other young people will be able to take hold and apply this truth even earlier than we did and discover the joy of the unexpected. Thank you for your openness and brokenness! God’s continued blessing on your family work and ministry.

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