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David, A Man After God’s Own Heart


Second only to Jesus Christ, we find more written in the Bible about David than we do about any other person. This message highlights fascinating stories from the life of David and gives in a fresh way the details of what it took to make him “a man after God’s own heart.” Five keys to the life God will use are explored as David Gibbs tells how a shepherd boy found His identity in the Lord, kept his focus, and faced the giant who dared to challenge the reputation of his God.



Length: 71 min.

Primary Topic: Total Surrender

Date: 2012

5 thoughts on “David, A Man After God’s Own Heart”

  1. Bro. David Gibbs has been such an inspiration to our family through the years.
    The first message I ever heard him preach was Conviction vs. preference. I never forgot it and since that time have always desired to hear him when he speaks.

    One thing about Bro. Gothard and Bro. Gibbs, they motivate others. They share
    their own mistakes and give us the keys they used to find victory. They don’t tell you do this or else, but challenge you to allow the Lord to work in your life and see the eternal results.

    We thank you so much for being “shepherds”, for working alone where only the Lord saw you until it was time to take up the “offense” of the Lord and speak out for him. May God help you to continue to bring light into the darkness.

    Tom and Karen Peach

  2. Our family has been truly blessed by Mr. Gibbs, Jr. We love all of his messages and learn many things from him. We too are blessed by his humility in sharing his mistakes. We would love to hear his message on Conviction vs. Preference. Would it be possible to upload his message on Embassy or would it be available for purchase.

    Thank you!
    Ian and Karie Maple

  3. My Life was changed by my introduction to the basic seminar on the Duggar Show. I attended The Basic Seminar in Singapore. My life has never been the same. I called my father, I said Hi and he said what happened? Thank you Mr Gothard. God is faithful and He has never left me. I am going back to God. I am learning, He has plans for me.

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