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The Dark Night of the Soul


It is easy enough to trust God when His presence and blessing are evident, but what is a Christian to do if God Himself feels distant? What if depression and discouragement and sheer loneliness seem to stand on every side? As incredible as it may seem, you are not alone. Here, many men and women have had their true faith forged. As incredible as it may seem these are the times in which feelings grow to maturity, the darkness becomes nothing less than a mine for precious diamonds, and, as Jim Logan shares, a new and abiding surrender may work a fuller, deeper relationship with God in Christ. May God’s purposes be seen and these times used effectively to wean His children from a deathly depedence upon emotions and experiences to find Him for Who He really is. 



Length: 63 min.

Primary Topic: Facing Difficulties, Prayer

Date: 1999

Speaker: Jim Logan

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