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Character Deficiencies in Learning


Every son and daughter is a unique creation of God. Many factors contribute to affectively educating each one. Therefore when children do not perform as expected, it is wise to take a range of possibilities into consideration when pinpointing the root cause. With his background in helping many parents navigate the early stages of child training, Tom Hunsberger is able to speed up the process of identifying and working around disabilities or the special needs young children may have. Is it or is it not a character problem? Learn to distinguish the spiritual, psychological and physical symptoms. Learn to see the impact of internal and external factors. Learn to identify common challenges in visual, auditory and motor skills. Become a learner yourself as you teach your children to listen and understand; read and write; speak, spell and recite.



Length: 48 min.

Primary Topic: Learning Efficiency

Date: 2003

Speaker: Tom Hunsberger

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