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The Blessor Franchise from Abraham to Us


The salvation of all nations hinges on us and our understanding of what it mean to be a “whole covenant Christian”, receiving and then spreading abroad the blessing of Abraham the father of faith. Beginning with Luke 24 and highlighting the “macro teaching method” that shows itself again and again through the “top line” and “bottom line” of many texts in the Bible from Genesis, Isaiah, Galatians, Revelation, and the Psalms of David, Don Richardson shows how, from Christ’s evangelistic mindset, all the Scriptures finally and authoritatively agree. As an acclaimed speaker and writer, and drawing from firsthand experience in Jewish, American and third world cultures, he shares his love for the Word of God and helps to trace exactly what God’s perspective on world missions has always been and the action we are now called to take as His church.



Length: 71 min.

Primary Topic: World Missions

Date: 2011

Speaker: Don Richardson

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