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It’s easy to be an act. Even Judas as one of the twelve disciples was able to create an outward persona that deceived those closest to him. David Gibbs uses this scenario to reveal the severity of this spiritual condition. As we become aware of our own weaknesses, do we choose to either cover them up or truly allow the Holy Spirit to transform us and bring about His real fruit in our lives? Until we humble ourselves before the Lord, we will never be able to be authentic in our faith to those around us. We may be able to fool ourselves, but there is no hiding from the Lord. Are you an act?


Length: 37 min.

Primary Topic: Total Surrender

Date: 2014

1 thought on “Are You An Act?”

  1. What a powerful message on humbling yourself before God and being real, before Him.. Noone is perfect, it’s time to be clean. Dont compre yourself with others. Walking in the Spirit means the fruit of the spirit will be evident in my life, if I’m missing any, I’m in the flesh, what a powerful statement
    . Dont be a Judas issacrot. Dont get into a boxing match with many powerful points.

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