From generation to generation, relationships between fathers and sons are tested. Captain Rick Warner and his wife Donna responded to this area of need and began serving with the International ALERT Academy in 2014. Rick's motivation is rooted in his personal relationship with the heavenly Father which began at age 12. Thereafter, the spiritual vigor which his earthly father envisioned for him led to great works which they not only discussed together but enjoyed together. Both of them grew spiritually, reading Proverbs, rising early for extended prayer meetings with the neighboring farmers and, eventually, taking short term missions trips to Alaska, Haiti and Brazil. The things they experienced together later served him well on his own as he made known his needs unto God and found Him just as faithful to provide overseas under the extreme conditions of Ethiopia and Mongolia.

Looking back Rick recounts that from the outer reaches of the mission field, postal letters took six weeks for delivery and phone calls home cost seven dollars a minute, but none of these things could sever the communication lines he had established with his father. By God's grace they escaped a mere pursuit of perfection and remained accountable for pursuing Christ. Today, Rick's father is with the Lord but Rick and his family have the privilege of pouring out their lives through the ALERT Cadet ministry so that fathers both here and abroad can embrace the challenges and rewards of working together.