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Winning Children’s Trust by Understanding Their Needs


“Dad, you just don’t understand.” As this phrase rang over and over in the ears of Jim Sammons, he knew that God was trying to get his attention. Something would need to change in the way that he interacted with his children or . . . . Thankfully, God heard his cry and clearly showed him two insights into the needs and motivations of his children that overcame the spirit of rejection on both sides and won him the appelation of Best Friend when his children were grown.



Length: 63 min.

Primary Topic: For Dads

Date: 1992

Speaker: Jim Sammons

2 thoughts on “Winning Children’s Trust by Understanding Their Needs”

  1. chrisndessiree

    This message is wonderful and so powerful in how to parent children. Praise the Lord for His revelation through His Word through this teaching! A must-watch for parents with children and a must-watch for parents desiring children.

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