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When we think about the future we might naturally wonder about “God’s will”. But really what good would it do us if we merely know God’s will in the sense of knowing what to do next? Is that all we want to know? Would we be happy if God just told us exactly what to do? Looking at what the Bible says about God’s will shifts our thinking from “Will I ever get married?” and “Should I be a missionary?” to “What will please God” and “What has God commanded already?” As Laura Oliverio helps us to see, God doesn’t want us to do something–anything–just because we know it’s His will; He is out for our very heart; He knows that we will both be getting much more out of life (not to mention knowing what to do besides!) if we believe in and live out the mutual love He initiated!



Length: 32 min.

Primary Topic: Loving Jesus Christ

Date: 2015

Speaker: Laura Oliverio

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