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Whatever the Cost: Standing Strong in Today’s Culture


Love, truth and reality seem to have gotten their lines mixed up on today’s stage. But what would happen if those who know the Person behind all three stood firm—on stage and off? Find out exactly what the pro’s and con’s, drama and dogma, costs and rewards have been for David and Jason Benham as they retell the story of God’s faithfulness in the events of 2014.



Length: 39 min.

Primary Topic: Persecution, Prayer

Speaker: Benham Brothers

2 thoughts on “Whatever the Cost: Standing Strong in Today’s Culture”

  1. Great testimonial message to what it means and will cost to take up the cross and follow the true Jesus in our godless culture and alien world.
    These guys provide a wonderful living demonstration of biblical meekness, brokenness, and rejoicing in persecution for righteousness sake

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