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What to Remember When You Can’t Forget


David may have never seen the Temple, but he had it in his heart. Ron Dunn and his wife may never have understood why their son was afflicted with manic depressive disorder when they wanted to be good parents. We may not understand why others are chosen to speak at the convention. As a matter of fact “Failure” might seem like our best title from this point of view. But there must be better signs of success than these  things that “could have been”. There must be some way we, as pastor or parent, can avoid that “production and performance trap” and live for the applause of One. When painful memories arise in our minds and hearts—questions and doubts, failures and regrets—we do well to remember: there is Someone else’s assessment of the situation that should be resurrected too.



Length: 44 min.

Primary Topic: Loving Jesus Christ

Date: 1996

Speaker: Ron Dunn

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