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Hannah never dreamed of being accused, sentenced, and imprisoned. Having come from a missionary family and seen God come through time and again, she expected Him to prove her innocence in court and keep life from spiraling out of control. But He didn’t! Or did He? Listen to this summary of Larry and Hannah Overton’s life message, consider its parallels with the suffering of Joseph, and see for yourself why they now have a vibrant ministry of assuring those with a victim mindset that God is always in control.



Length: 49 min.
Date: 2022

1 thought on “Walking with Jesus through Difficult Times”

  1. Such a wonderful amazing true life Joseph account…now!!! God is so powerful and great and so very Awesome!! Was in tears with the truth of His power and the beautiful transparent life of a woman and man who kept the faith and walked the walk…with Jesus.

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