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Walk in the Light for Rich Fellowship


You don’t have to be a fish to know a hook when you see it … or feel it. Reawakened guilt feels the same way and it will continue to produce those feelings as long as we keep moral failures hidden and unconfessed, out of sight, out of the light. Tenderly and yet directly, Paul and Jenny share their benchmark message about all they’ve discovered in Biblical, covenant accountability between husband and wife. Working together, mutual responsibility to the Lord became a direct doorway to freedom. Long-standing guilt was dealt with. Rays of realistic hope shone in and honest confession of sins paved the way for the prevention of sins. Removing a hook is very painful. But allowing a hook to remain is also painful. Don’t let the enemy ever reel you back in; receive the grace of God; humble yourself before the One Who already knows and choose the pain and shame that will leave as much time as possible afterward for healing, freedom and forward movement in marriage.



Length: 53 min.

Primary Topic: Marriage Communication

Date: 2016

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