Understanding the Times in Which We Live


To understand our current place in the kingdom of God, it is well worth it to take a trip back in time to seek for wisdom. How does He deal with civilizations and nations? From our own perspective it may seem that the rise and fall of one dictator after another in their pursuit to control the earth follows no absolute pattern or cycle. However, from God’s perspective the study of government becomes an ever-deepening treasure chest of lessons for the Christian regarding a key choice that our founding fathers in America set up between personal responsibility and the centralization of power. Bill Federer’s whirlwind tour of the ages uses the lens of the bigger picture–world history–to clarify the duty of God’s people amidst the present political issues. With a surprise ending, you will be both warned and informed of the way God wants to use common people in times of crisis.



Length: 73 min.

Primary Topic: Worldview

Date: 2012

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