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Understanding Faith from the Father of Faith


Do you need a living example of what it means to walk with God? We hear it said “Trust the Lord” but what does it mean, really? How do we live by faith? God gives us Abraham, Sarah, Ishmael and Isaac to show the answer to the one question which all believers seem to have in common. In surrender to God’s will Abraham had left his own land. After many years he even learned to let go of his own version of God’s will. But his last test was the most difficult. As if walking side-by-side with Abraham, Ron Dunn gets down to the core definition of faith and what it means to hold all things loosely, to keep our eyes on the Blesser more than the blessing, and to follow Him faithfully in whatever route He chooses to His very best!



Length: 48 min.

Primary Topic: Vision for Living

Date: 2013

Speaker: Ron Dunn

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