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Twenty Practical Benefits of Putting the Message First


Pastor Wells gives an encouraging testimony of practical benefits that his church experienced by changing its traditional order of service. His message offers important insights and applications to those considering such a change. Pastor Wells also discusses other aspects of the service, such as confession, testimonies, and communion. Be encouraged to see your church service motivate members to function more as the Body of Christ.



Length: 30 min.

Primary Topic: Church Ministry

Date: 2002

Speaker: Jerry Wells

2 thoughts on “Twenty Practical Benefits of Putting the Message First”

  1. I have about a hundred people I want to share this message with.

    I have bought the MP4 but the time is running out for sharing it and I haven’t figured out how to send it to even one person.

    This message REALLY needs to get out! This is the only thing I’ve heard of that has the power to cleanse the sin and pornography that is so rampant in the churches in America.

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