Three Secrets to Conquering Fear


Josef Tson is a man who is truly not afraid to die for Christ. In his gripping testimony, Dr. Tson details his persecution as a Christian pastor in Communist Romania and how he came to be liberated from the fear of dying. This dynamic believer and follower of Christ shares three powerful Biblical truths that we can apply to our own fears. Learn how he overcame fear and was able to bless his persecutors in the midst of his trials.



Length: 59 min.

Primary Topic: Persecution

Date: 2005

Speaker: Dr. Josef Tson

1 thought on “Three Secrets to Conquering Fear”

  1. Dear Dr. Tson,

    Thank you for your message. I spent some time in ministry in Romania about twelve years after the reformation.  So much had changed since Ceausescu’s time.  People were hungry for the teachings of Christ because your generation sacrificially laid the foundation of the love and reality of Christ.  Here in the United States, my generation may not have yet “suffered unto blood, striving against sin,” but I see the three secrets the Lord showed you applying to my daily life all the same.  What God showed you is valuable.  I needed your reminder of this new approach: not spending life trying only to save or improve it, but rather, plainly and at the same time wisely, seeking the right way to lose it.

    Donald S.

    Memorial Day, 25 May 2020

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