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Josef Tson is a man who has experienced the reality of life after death, death to self. From his first exposure to the agenda of atheism at age fourteen until the fall of Communism in Romania in 1989, the Lord was teaching him how living comes after dying. The life we call our own will be lived in bondage to the fear of death (and anyone who threatens us with death) or the eternal life of Christ in us after death will be lived in the genuine freedom of love. And love casts out fear! His gripping testimony details how this love could never be paralyzed by the interrogation, persecution and exile he endured as a Christian pastor in Communist Romania. As the regime soon came to find out, his spiritual liberation was not something within their power to control. But it came as a surprise to Dr. Tson as well. The very God they denied was using their satanic plan for the betterment, even the multiplication, of His beloved "sheep in the midst of wolves".