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Taking Aim in an Aimless World


Beware! Aimlessness does not mean that an arrow won’t find a mark. The question is: Was it the mark, the one mark, God’s high calling in Christ Jesus? Finding the target God has for a son or daughter is a thing of careful consideration, but it is also a thing of great joy, simplicity, and satisfaction. He can clarify how the one thing that is needful translates individually into a skill set, an audience, the right to be heard by that audience, and a medium for bringing one’s life message to its greatest potential. God gives fathers their quiver of arrows and, with incremental release, each one can become a fruit-bearer and a disciple-maker. Yes, aimlessness is more than possible; it is costly, dangerous and, sadly, the default. Praise the Lord for an alternative vision for the Christian, presented by Dewey Novotny in this heart to heart exhortation for fathers in pursuit of the goal not to lose sight and lose fight.



Length: 41 min.

Speaker: Dewey Novotny

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