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Why would anyone choose the unconventional in life? John the Baptist was born to a line of high priests, and yet he chose to undergo his education in isolation in the desert. The training God gave him there was specific to his life work; it was exactly what he needed for his mission. At the same time, as Bob Newhouse and his children have discovered, a specialized education comes in tandem with special disciplines. Like George Washington Carver, we must learn to pay daily attention to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit. Like Isaac Newton, we must develop a personal confidence in the Word, works and ways of God. And like Zacharias, we must chart a course for our children other than the default. Along the way opportunities and obstacles will be many. Risks and rewards will be great. But "Speak Lord, Thy servant heareth!"

Special note: This message is similar to Bob Newhouse's earlier message given in Knoxville, How to Discover Rhemas from God's Word.