The Skills of Courageous Conversations


The Courageous Conversation – a strategy to follow for any pressing issue. Helping husbands to exchange normal leadership for noble leadership and enabling wives to feel truly understood and loved are Chris and Anne Hogan’s special calling. In this message, they introduce ten time-tested how-to’s of tracing a conflict to its source and finding a solution that lasts. You will praise God as you discover this thrilling approach to walking together through one another’s deepest issues. Conflicts can be settled without complaining, blaming or explaining! Natural tendancies can be held in check. Defensiveness will become unnecessary as challenges are overcome by the wisdom of God’s ways and the beattitudes taught by Christ. Most of all you will understand that unity is to be found not in spite of an issue but because the issue is addressed courageously. Don’t bypass another chance to win the heart of your spouse, child, co-worker or friend.



Length: 85 min.
Date: 2005

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