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Shooting at the Wrong Target


As a parent, there is a certain focus in life that can inspire our children to say what we’ve always wanted to hear them say: “That’s what I want too.” Before their marriage, behind their faith, beyond their vocation, is there something they can see in us deeper than our marriage, our faith, our vocation? If there is, then we will know without a doubt that the arrows of our quiver will hit their target dead center—because we have too.



Length: 60 min.

Primary Topic: Loving Jesus Christ

Speaker: Bob Newhouse

1 thought on “Shooting at the Wrong Target”

  1. “A message from a life reaches a life”! I appreciate your testimony and what you have learned about genuine love. To want more only takes a taste. It is exactly as you described. I want much more of God’s grace now, enabling me to constantly look for His own image in those I meet.

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