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Session 9: How Appeals Should Be Used In Marriage


Showing reverence to our husband does include having a useful process of appeal. Mrs. Walsh likens this to the role of radar, detecting the needs and weaknesses of the marriage. If the radar malfunctions, with fear or bitterness, serious consequences can be expected. However, by the same token, oneness, as God designed, also naturally results when we learn, step by step, how to slow down and effectively address what He desires to do for us as a couple. In the process, our longsuffering God enters the picture and no offense will qualify as a reason for us to deliberately distance ourselves from either Him or our husband. On the contrary, it will serve as motivation in our own personal growth. We will not see issues as contests. Whatever comes we will be able to approach our “king” with the right motives, timing, facts, attitudes, words and, ultimately, right responses whether or not we are heard.

Note: The book referenced in this session is How to Make an Appeal by Institute In Basic Life Principles


Length: 71 min.

Primary Topic: For Wives


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