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Session 4: Full Forgiveness—The Way to Inner Peace


It is natural to resist pain and want offenders to pay the rightful consequences of causing us to feel it. Bitterness, however, has consequences of its own. In Connie Walsh’s case, as she struggled to forgive her husband, even for the failures that he had confessed, she still hurt emotionally. Until she came to a full realization of what Christ suffered on the cross, she chose to build her own case and allowed bitterness to creep in, instead, in small ways. Eventually the couple found themselves at the hospital and Connie received a diagnosis of sarcoidosis in the lungs. Mike, not knowing how to handle the load, was also withdrawn, and began considering how this principle was affecting him, his relationship with her, and his relationship with others as well. Humbly they share their testimony of how God brought healing and taught them step by step how to respond with complete forgiveness to the suffering and pain that others cause us.


Length: 102 min.

Primary Topic: Forgiveness


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