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Secret Signs of God’s Love


Christmas all the year?! Roger Magnuson presents a unique message on the surprising association between the Father’s unmerited gifts to His children as evidenced in a large part by His miracles and a Christian’s uncompromising devotion to Him as evidenced in a large part by his faithful memorization and meditation of the Word. This underlying association is not magic. Nor is it manipulative. From the testimonies of Daniel, John the Baptist, and Mary; from his own tales of undeserved serendipity; from the promises of Scripture that reveal, redefine, and raise the standard of what it means to be prosperous, Magnuson outlines the fundamental attitude, activity and “aggressive defiance” of the world that can adorn the Christian life in every season.



Length: 49 min.

Primary Topic: The Word of God

Date: 2000

Speaker: Roger Magnuson

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