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Scopes Trial: Truth Exposed


The facts and the effects of the Scopes Trial are as fascinating to study as the facts and effects surrounding the worldviews of creationism and evolutionism. The peculiarities of the Scopes Trial, however, are much easier to study because, unlike the six days of creation, the eight days of this linchpin event were well covered by media of all kinds. As a matter of fact it became the first trial to be broadcasted nationally in the United States. Find out what drew the stalwarts of Christianity and the ACLU, orators and school boys, scientists from New York and Chicago, and crowds upon crowds of the curious to a small rural town of Tennessee. Both a spur to further research and an anchor for important life lessons, Robert Caprera’s comments on those well-publicized but inconclusive proceedings of 1925 are today as appealing to the scientist as they are to the historian, and as entertaining as they are sobering.



Length: 60 min.

Primary Topic: Worldview

Speaker: Robert Caprera

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