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Saying “Yes” to God


How does Jesus remind you of His everlasting love? It could be just waking up in the morning! Or, maybe it’s a pink sunset, like it is for Janny Moore. Or the moon! Or a pair of mourning doves cooing atop a power line. Whatever they are, God reminds us in His Word that this love is unconditional. That means He loves us all the time! Can you see and hear that unfailing love in the down times as much as you can when you’re “up”? Decide, like Janny had to, alone and near death on her bed in the basement, that you will take every opportunity throughout this short life to say “Yes!” to whatever God gives and in so doing tie one more heartstring to His.



Length: 65 min.

Primary Topic: Spiritual Warfare

Date: 2015

Speaker: Janny Moore

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