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The Remarkable Rise of Rizpah


“And after that God was entreated for the land” (2 Samuel 21:14). Normally King David is given the credit for the ending of a three year drought that had punished Israel for their treatment of the Gibeonites. But what if this was a govenment decision not made at God’s counsel and direction? Could the blood of seven sons meet the requirements of atonement for the sins of their father? Or could there be another reason, founded upon justice and prayer, at work behind the scenes to avert judgment during this turbulent time in Israel’s history? Listen as Doug Small draws emboldening application from a political thriller highlighting the power of the powerless in the hands of God. As you will see, He is the Refuge of the oppressed, and there are many reasons for us to take heart when He calls us to stand all by ourselves.



Length: 65 min.

Primary Topic: Persecution

Date: 2007

Speaker: Doug Small

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