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Rediscovering a Forgotten Communicator


In his stirring presentation, Aaron Baker shows us the power of music, even music without words. He shares how this simple truth bears out in the Bible as well as in the lives of many people, both young and old, that he has known. Realizing this truth about music will help us recognize the power of this tool at our disposal. Aaron asks you to consider whether the nominal Christian music played in your home is “winning your children’s hearts for Christ and recruiting them for His army or training them for the enemy”.



Length: 48 min.

Primary Topic: Music

Date: 2019

Speaker: Aaron Baker

1 thought on “Rediscovering a Forgotten Communicator”

  1. Fantastic sermon. I agree and have experienced our children telling us which music is appropriate in our home because we taught our children meaningful hymns as a part of the home school experience. I am glad that we were very careful as to what music our children were exposed to, especially in church services, One child especially, remembered the song after only hearing it one time! A music fast is an excellent idea if there are problems and the child is willing.

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