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“We’re in a war, but we’re acting like we’re on vacation.” Gil Bates walks through the account of King Hezekiah in II Chronicles 32 and what he did to prepare in the face of the impending attack from King Sennacherib. Just as the king of Assyria wanted to enslave the people of Judah during the reign of Hezekiah, we face an enemy today who is seeking to enslave our households. Rather than being caught off-guard, King Hezekiah saw the problem coming and sought to prepare. He diverted the water supply and rebuilt the walls that were broken down. Brother Bates encourages each listener to prayerfully evaluate what waters may be being supplied to the enemy in the home and what walls need to be rebuilt. While Hezekiah took several steps to prepare, the greatest course of action he chose was to seek the Lord and call upon Him!