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The Practical Truth of Abiding in Christ


Jim Logan gives a wakeup call regarding the multitude of hidden iniquities that occur regularly among children and youth in Christian homes today. With discernment he tracks the confusion to its source and shares the common denominator lacking in all those who come to him for counsel: a truly meaningful prayer life with the Lord Jesus Christ. Only a leader who begins to walk and talk with the Lord, abiding in Him, and searching out the secrets of the secret place, is sure to have fruit that remains.



Length: 52 min.
Date: 2007

Speaker: Jim Logan

2 thoughts on “The Practical Truth of Abiding in Christ”

  1. Isn’t today’s culture dominated by an anti-Christian worldview partly because the previous generations of Christians shunned the available media back then?

    Wouldn’t it be beneficial to seek to maintain a strong Christian presence/influence in the internet rather than choosing to see only the bad things that happen today?

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