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Music wields universal influence over families, churches, and cultures around the world.

And no wonder. For God, Himself is musical by nature. If God is the original author of musical sound then what are the basic principles which govern His self-expression? Can godly music be defined in simple terms? Is it true that there are measurable standards and methods of music evaluation beyond Ephesians 5:19 and Colossians 3:16? Moses, David and Isaiah answer in unison with a resounding "Yes!" If you are determined to glorify God in this area and if you mourn to see the confusion in which churches have found themselves today if you have heard the first warnings of conscience on this watershed issue and need the logical thought process by which to cement and present a Biblical music standard, be encouraged.

In a message long overdue for the soldiers of Christ, Don Staddon approaches the field of music in layman's terms! It is accompanied by an excellent step-by-step slide series that offers clarity and balance for anyone whose heart's desire is to walk in victory over the personal preference battle and discover with joy all that the Creator says about Himself and the music which He would prefer.