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Permitted and Protected


We have come to Christ in salvation. We have answered the call of service in His Church. And we are the ones to be sifted? By Satan? Pastors and parishioners alike will both come to the point of realization sooner or later that the Christian walk is full of such surprises and for anyone in preparation for leadership, sifting is one of those surprises. Through the confrontational dialog between Jesus and Peter in Luke 22:24, Ron Dunn encourages us that sifting is not only to be expected, and not only is it for our good, but it is for the good of our brethren as well. Christ has already prayed for us at such times. He is not surprised. Even failure can deepen the ministry He began.



Length: 48 min.

Primary Topic: Facing Difficulties, Prayer

Date: 1996

Speaker: Ron Dunn

1 thought on “Permitted and Protected”

  1. What an encouragement in facing the trials of life. We are in the hands of a loving, all-knowing Lord. And His plan is for our good, even when it looks dark and hopeless. Praise God!

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